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Schlage Utility Software (SUS) for Device Commissioning

The SUS mobile app and SUS-A cable are used to configure and act as the link between Schlage Express and compatible Schlage offline electronic locks and devices. Also used to initialize select networked locks for the first time. 


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The Schlage Utility Software (SUS) mobile app for Android devices is designed specifically for use with the SUS-A cable to set up and act as the link between access control software and select Schlage electronic locks and accessories. The intuitive screen layout of the free SUS mobile app provides easy navigation during use. 

The SUS mobile app and SUS-A cable are used with networked and offline locks to initialize and configure devices, test operational status, perform ongoing system maintenance and update device firmware.

In addition, for offline devices, the SUS solution is utilized to transfer access control data from the Schlage Express access control software (such as authorized user lists) via a mobile device and cable to the locks or accessories. SUS is also utilized to download audit trail information from locks to the mobile device and then transfer that data to Schlage Express for analysis and storage.

The SUS mobile app and cable replace the legacy SUS solution using the Schlage Handheld Device (HHD).

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  • Intuitive, free SUS mobile app for Android devices
  • Single cable for Schlage AD and CO Series locks and legacy devices
  • Facilitates initialization of locks and accessories
  • Configures and tests devices
  • Simplifies firmware updates
  • Fully compatible with Schlage Express software to manage offline locks at the door
  • Cellular data plan not required for operation
  • Import/Export Device Configuration feature simplifies configuration process
  • Ability to reclass Schlage AD Series locks
  • Manager and Operator user modes

Schlage Device Compatibility

SUS mobile app and SUS-A cable are compatible with the following Schlage devices:

  • AD-400/401/402 locks
  • AD-300/301/302 locks
  • AD-200/201/250 locks
  • CO-200/220/250 locks
  • AD Series readers
  • PIM400, WPR400, WPR401, PIB300, WRI400
  • BE367/FE210 (SPED) locks
  • CT5000 controller


If you require SUS functionality with other legacy Schlage electronic locks such as CM, CL, and KC2 please continue to use your existing HHD with SUS solution.


Lock/Device Required Minimum Firmware

Device firmware needs to be at a minimum version to function correctly with the SUS mobile app and SUS-A cable. 

  • AD Series: AD.A.60 (2014)
  • CO Series: CO.A.12 (2014)
  • SPED: V1.30

SUS-A Cable

The SUS-A cable is an all-in-one solution with separate connectors – USB-A for our USB enabled devices and a 2-pin serial connection for our serial enabled devices – to connect the mobile device to the locks.



  • Initialize lock and accessories
  • Field configure devices
    • Credential reader formats
    • Lock function
    • Unlock period
    • Failure mode
    • Audible alarm on/off
  • Offline devices
    • Manage up to 100 unique door files
    • Retrieve audit trails from up to 100 devices
  • Networked devices
    • Communication settings
    • Validate status monitor
  • Service and diagnostics
    • Battery status
    • Validate hardware and software revision
    • Troubleshooting status signals 
    • Firmware upgrades

Mobile Application Phone Support

We support and test the flagship phone models from Samsung, Motorola, and Google for the last 2 years, such as:

  • Samsung S21 or newer


Mobile Application Operating System Support

We support and test major revisions for Android for the last 2 years such as:

  • Android 11 (API 30) or newer



  • Other phone models may work, but are not officially supported at this time
  • Mobile phones are not available for purchase from Allegion 
  • Apple devices are not compatible with the SUS and SUS-A cable solution

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  • Download the Schlage Utility Software (SUS) Android mobile app from the Google Play store.

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