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Accessibility, Fire & Life Safety

Keeping people safe involves much more than a locked entry, it means addressing everyday interactions with hardware to ensure proper accessibility, the ability to exit in an emergency, and preventing the spread of fire.

K-12 Solutions

Key Systems

Choosing a key system is an important decision. It permeates your site, building or campus and must endure over a long term, possibly decades, providing security while being able to change and grow as needed.

K-12 Solutions

Government Compliant

Whether you're looking for products to support a specific GSA Schedule contract, a FIPS-201-2 integration, or simply need BAA or TAA compliant hardware, Schlage offers a wide range of solutions and the expertise to help you along the way.

K-12 Solutions

Electronic Access Control (EAC)

A wide range of EAC options are available. From standalone to building- and campus-wide solutions, Schlage offers locks, readers, credentials, sensors and controllers to customize the right solution for your needs.

K-12 Solutions

Lockdown Capable

Whether the setting is a school, a business or a warehouse, sometimes keeping people and assets safe requires a different level of security.


K-12 Solutions

Severe Weather

Severe weather takes a tremendous toll in the United States. Schlage offers storm shelter locking solutions made to withstand the punishing effects of Mother Nature, from the sustained winds and debris of hurricanes to the damage wrought by tornadoes.

K-12 Solutions

High Security

High security needs can be met whether the hardware is mechanical or electronic in nature and usually involves a combination of hardware, functions and features plus key and/or credential use.

K-12 Solutions

Visual Indication

A sense of security is paramount. Messages readable at a distance that clearly show LOCKED or UNLOCKED, VACANT or OCCUPIED offer peace of mind where security matters and can assure privacy is respected.



Interoperability enables convenient experiences and expanded security within commercial, higher education and health care spaces. Schlage interoperable solutions allow you to extend your access control while using existing smart and mobile credentials. 

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