Replacement Parts: Electronic Access Control

   I know what I need

  I need help identifying which Schlage product I have or what part I might need.

Our technical services team is happy to help identify your issue and suggest a solution, but they will need some information about your product first.

For electronic locks, readers. reader controllers or other related electronic access control products and accessories:

Check which product you have. If you are not quite sure, here are some tips for finding the product label and gathering the information you may need when contacting our support team:


  • Remove the cover of your device.  In many cases, the product label will be easily visible. For wireless locks you may need to remove the battery pack to locate the label. On the product label you will find lock model number, sales order # and manufacture date
  • For electronic locks, gather any additional details, such as chassis (mortise, exit trim, etc.,) cylinder type, function (push button, thumbturn, etc.), lever style or finish
  • It can also be helpful to understand how you manage your products:
    • Are you using
      • ENGAGE (NDE, LE, Control)
      • ISONAS Pure Access Cloud
      • Schlage Express with SUS (AD and CO Series)
      • A PACS or Proptech Alliance solution
    • Does your system operate as:
      • Standalone or offline
      • Part of a No-Tour solution
      • Networked


Detailed description: In addition to the above, the more detail you can provide in the description such as what your product is, where on the product are you experiencing the need for replacement, how long the product has been installed, etc. the more quickly our team can assist you.

Our support team will ensure you receive what you need.  

Replacement Parts

For questions on the Schlage Mobile Bluetooth® Credential, contact ENGAGE product support

For questions on ISONAS products, contact ISONAS product support

For help with replacement parts for mechanical locks and key systems, click here


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