Replacement Parts: Mechanical Products

   I know what I need

  I need help identifying which Schlage product I have or what part I might need.


Our technical services team is happy to help identify your issue and suggest a solution, but they will need some information about your product first. 

Here is some information to help identify what type of Schlage product you may have, as well as important information to note when contacting us so our teams can better assist you:


Mechanical or Electrified Lock

  • Check the latch to be sure you see the name Schlage imprinted
  • Please provide the model number of your lock if known
  • Requests can be expedited with pictures of the inside, outside and edge of door
  • Please provide the purchase or installation date of the lock if known

If you have your original Allegion order number, this will be helpful for the support team.


Key Systems

 For factory Master Key records, please provide a structure number or a registry number. 

  • Structure numbers are master key system record locator numbers and are printed on customer order acknowledgements
  • Registry numbers are ID numbers unique to each master within the system and are stamped on every master key issued from the factory.  A registry number consists of the letter R followed by several digits

For Restricted Product records, please provide a Primus number, Facility Code, or Locksmith ID.  

  • Primus account numbers are 6 digits long beginning with either the letter X or P. They delineate who can purchase a particular Primus side bit milling (Primus numbers are not stamped on keys)
  • Facility codes are 6 digits long beginning with the letter E and are stamped on all restricted Everest keys as well as Everest Primus keys. Facility codes are end user numbers that show who a particular restricted Everest product belongs to
  • Locksmith ID numbers are 6 digits long beginning with the letter L, and they show which locksmith a particular Primus key was purchased through


Detailed description: In addition to the above, the more detail you can provide in the description such as what your product is, where your product is installed, where on the product are you experiencing the need for replacement, etc. the more quickly our team can assist you.


Our support team will ensure you receive what you need.

Replacement Parts

For help with replacement parts for electronic products, click here.


Knowledge Center

Allegion’s Knowledge Center allows you to search answers provided by our technical support team to Frequently Asked Questions. 

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