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GCK400 Gate Access Control Kit

This gate control kit eliminates trenching of communication lines to remote areas by wirelessly transmitting and receiving signals back to an access control system.


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The AD Series Gate Control Kit (GCK400) eliminates the need for trenching in controlled gate applications by providing a wireless solution to reduce installation time and cost. It is ideal for parking lots, airports, military bases, and garages because roadways, parking lots, landscape and infrastructure are left intact since the need to run wires underground is eliminated.

The WRI400 enables communication up to 1,000 feet with clear line of sight to the PIM400-TD2 (via a remote antenna) which is hardwired to the access control panel where decisions are validated and recorded. Distance to the credential reader can be enhanced significantly using a high-gain antenna and/or repeater.

The GCK400 gate control kit complements and expands the AD Series platform by bringing wireless access control to applications that are difficult to reach with a traditional wired approach.

 Networked Real-time

 Wireless – 900 MHz

 Open Architecture Solution

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Electronic Locks

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  • Electronic access control brings more visibility and control to gate applications
  • Real-time communication with centralized lockdown capability
  • Unique 900 MHz communication protocols won’t interfere with other wireless networks
  • Secure AES 128-bit encrypted data transmission



  • Open architecture platform is compatible with most major building access control systems 
  • Elimination of trenching to remote sites for communication lines



  • Works with same credential used for other areas of the building or campus
  • 900 MHz wireless frequency allows for a stronger signal strength at a longer range
  • Distance to the credential reader can be enhanced significantly using a high-gain antenna and/or repeater

For full electronic specifications  and sample system layout please reference GCK400 data sheet.


Kit contents

  • WRI400 wireless reader interface connects to a reader and transmits signal to PIM
  • ANT400-REM-I/O omni-directional, flat panel remote antenna
  • MGB+MCA5 antenna grounding kit
  • PIM400-TD2 panel interface module receives information through antenna and sends to access control provider panel for confirmation
  • 593PI-12DC power supply converts 120v input to 12 VDC output to support WRI-400


User verification

  • Supports all Wiegand and Clock & Data (mag stripe) reader technologies
  • Time of verification, number of users and audit capability varies depending on access control provider system capability


Lockdown capability

  • Response rate of 1-10 seconds (per field application)  


Connectivity options

  • Wiegand or Clock & Data using included PIM400-TD2
  • RS-485 and IP compatible PIM option also available, consult an Allegion representative


Communication standards

  • 900 MHz spread spectrum, direct sequence, 10 channels with configurable dynamic channel switching
  • 902-928 MHz frequency range
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), 128-bit

As part of the AD Series of networked locks, the GCK400 has been integrated into leading physical access control systems through our PACS Alliance program.

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Or visit the Technology Alliances web page for solution sheets and technical information. 

See individual kit components for applicable certifications.

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