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Schlage Express™ for Offline Access Control

Schlage Express is a PC-based user rights management software that provides a low cost, easy-to-use system for smaller facilities with offline electronic locking solutions.


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Schlage Express software provides an easy-to-use, convenient electronic access management system. Use it to manage offline locks like AD-200, CO-200 and CO-220 as well as some controllers and legacy locks.

Schlage Express software is recommended for smaller facilities with fewer than 100 doors where real-time security management is not required. It allows simple management of new and existing user rights with reporting capability to show audit trails retrieved, access privileges granted, and time functions established by either user or door. 

Transfer of information between the program and lock is done using the Schlage Utility Software (SUS) mobile app on a compatible Android device and cable at the door.

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  • Supports PIN code access, magnetic stripe, proximity, and smart credential use as well as multi-factor authentication using card + PIN
  • Supports times zones to limit the hours and days an individual can gain access
  • Supports holidays to allow the suspension of normal operations for user defined periods per door during non-normal days



  • Enables simple management of users and audits 
  • Supports credential functions including normal, toggle, one time and pass through
  • Download programming with the SUS mobile app and cable at the lock 



  • Provides an effective, simple means to manage access control within your facility
  • Helps manage auto unlock schedules allowing weekly repeat for automatic locking and unlocking of doors 
  • Provides duplicate PIN notification feature

Schlage Device Compatibility

These products are compatible with Schlage Express and the SUS mobile app and SUS-A cable as an interface:

  • CO-200
  • CO-220
  • AD-200
  • AD-201
  • CT5000 controller


Supported legacy products

These products are compatible with the SUS mobile app and SUS-A cable as an interface:

  • BE367 deadbolt and FE210 interconnected multifamily locks (SPED)


Customers with these legacy products should continue to use their existing HHD with SUS solution:

  • Schlage CM, CL and KC-2 locks, CT1000 controller

System capacity at lock

Number of users or audits/locks: 

  • 2,000 users/audits, 50 lock max.
  • 1,000 users/audits, 100 lock max. 

Holidays: 16 

1st person in: Yes

Time zones: 8

Auto unlocks: Up to 8 assigned per lock


Status monitors

Mechanical key override (ATK): Yes

Battery status: Yes



Lock function availability

  • Classroom/Storeroom 
  • Office 
  • Privacy
  • Apartment
  • Classroom Security (with CO-220 only)


Required for programming 

For offline locking system programming, the following is required:

  • Available USB port on the PC
  • Schlage Utility Software (SUS) mobile app on compatible Android devices and SUS-A cable
  • Legacy Schlage Handheld Device (HHD) is also supported


For offline legacy locking system programming done directly from the PC, the following is required:

  • Available USB port on the PC
  • Programming interface cables

Schlage Express supports these credential technologies dependent on lock capability:

  • Multi-technology (smart + proximity) (AD-200/201 only)
  • Smart (AD-200/201 only)
  • Proximity
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Keypad
  • Multi-factor authentication (Card + PIN)


Credential attributes

Normal: Yes

Toggle: Yes

Pass thru: Yes

Visitor/one time use: Yes

Freeze: Yes

Lockdown: No

Computer requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
  • Available USB port on the PC
  • Minimum 250 MB hard disk space plus data storage space
  • Minimum 256 MB RAM minimum or the memory required for the operating system, whichever is greater
  • For reports with the built-in viewer Internet Explorer 6 or higher must be installed


Note: Schlage Express is NOT supported on the Home and Starter Versions of the Windows Operating Systems.

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