To Know It's Locked™ when moments count or to have the simple assurance that the door is secure can go a long way in contributing to peace of mind particularly for students and teachers. But lock status visual indication has far more applications than the classroom door. It is useful in health care, retail, commercial and even for specific code compliance situations. Schlage indication trims can even be applied to outdoor settings like park or service station single-use bathrooms on exterior doors.  


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  • The L Series mortise lock has long offered indication trim, however, the improved trims feature both single- and dual-sided messaging, larger windows, and retrofit options. They are also compatible with Key Override and Vandlgard features valuable particularly in educational settings.
  • The ND Series Grade 1 cylindrical indication trim is a standout in the visual indication market. A very large, single window wraps three sides for exceptional visibility. And like all Schlage indication trim messaging, the use of red and white background colors assures readability for even color-blind individuals.
  • The B600 Series deadbolt is a fired-rated Grade 1, indication trim available in single or dual cylinder functions. Its three sided window is largest in the deadbolt market, yet the lock remains compact comparable in size to a credit card. The sleek design with its tamper-resistant window can be ordered single- or dual-sided for most functions. 
  • While indication has long been a common offering amongst grade 2 deadbolts within the market, the B500 Series Grade 2 indication trim options are unique. Six of seven functions are offered with indication as single- or dual-sided on most. Mirroring the sleek design of the B600 elevates this solution as the ideal for privacy applications.


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