Know It's Locked.

Our best-in-class mortise, cylindrical and deadbolt visual indication trims feature the largest windows displaying unmistakable red and white messaging that can be viewed from any angle - even at a distance. It's security you see from a brand you trust.

largest windows
patented 180 visibility

Product Overview

Multifamily Solutions

Grade 1 Mortise Locks

36 Functions

The large windows wrapping three sides of the L Series indication trim let you Know It's Locked™ even from across the room ensuring security and privacy needs are met.

Multifamily Solutions

Grade 1 Cylindrical Locks

8 Functions

An exceptionally large viewing window combined with the strength and durability of the ND Series make it ideal for abusive environments like K-12 and higher education schools.

Multifamily Solutions

B600 Grade 1 Deadbolt Locks

5 Functions

Patented, 180-degree design has been applied to Schlage's Grade 1, fire-rated deadbolt and offered in single- or dual-sided trims to provide optimal protection and lasting durability.

Multifamily Solutions

B500 Grade 2 Deadbolt Locks

6 Functions

Schlage's most popular deadbolt features single- or dual-sided indication trim and, like the B600, it is offered on single and dual cylinder locks as well as new coin turn privacy options.

Where Indication Can Be Used

Multifamily Solutions

Security in Educational Settings

The Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) recommends the use of indication trims for the classroom. Beyond the classroom, though, many spaces within a school environment can benefit from indication to enhance security. These include offices, teachers' lounges, study halls, adjoining rooms, libraries and other gathering spaces.

Multifamily Solutions

Privacy in Educational Settings

In higher education settings, use of indication as a security measure can be widespread. But privacy applications on individual study pods, rehearsal rooms, single occupancy restrooms, and faculty offices are also valuable. In addition to standard messages, custom messaging can also be created for specialized applications.

Multifamily Solutions


Retail applications can include spaces like restaurants where patrons can see the availability of a restroom to minimize their time away from the table. Within a retail space, they can be used on dressing rooms or any room requiring temporary closures. Other applications include exterior doors such as service station restrooms or any facility with exterior entrances to private rooms.

Multifamily Solutions

Health Care Applications

In hospital settings applications are mostly about privacy: patient restrooms, single occupancy restrooms, lactation rooms, physician sleeping/on call rooms, and dressing rooms. Multi-stall restrooms with thicker stall doors may also benefit. And when safety is important, indication can be used on radiology or other therapy room doors as well.

Multifamily Solutions

Commercial Real Estate

Within commercial properties indication is primarily about privacy. It is useful for single occupancy restrooms and shower rooms. Where stall doors are thicker (1-3/8" minimum) it can be applied to multi-stall restrooms. Beyond that, there are uses for any meeting or focus rooms where occupancy, readily visible from outside, is desired.

Multifamily Solutions

Specialized Uses

Churches, factories, airports, arenas and other spaces large and small can benefit from indication use. These can include any single occupancy room requiring privacy such as a mother's lactation room or family- and assisted-use restrooms, also rooms requiring temporary closures due to cleaning or stocking.


Watch Now: Enhancing Safety & Emotional Well-being in Schools

Schlage is committed to helping ensure safer classrooms. We believe no teacher or student should ever have to run toward danger to confirm the status of a door. That's why we've re-envisioned our best locks with largest windows and clear messaging on red and white backgrounds so that everyone, even the color-blind, can Know It’s Locked™.

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Multifamily Solutions

Double Cylinder with Security Indicator

The double cylinder, or dual cylinder, is available with or without security indication. The -2SI is ideal for visual verification in lockdown situations.

Multifamily Solutions

Dogging Indicators

Von Duprin offers hex dogging and cylinder dogging visual indication for latch state verification. Designed for high use and abuse in schools and hospitals.

Multifamily Solutions

Emergency Secure Lockdown (ESL)

The Emergency Secure Lockdown (ESL) option allows local security lockdown where access control is present on large auditorium-style rooms.

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