Schools should have the tools in place to manage the use of each door opening so that they can lock down on demand, as soon as an emergency arises – without compromising egress.




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  • Software is the backbone of any EAC system.  A wide variety of Physical Access Control System (PACS) alliances have integrated Schlage readers and electronic locks to provide real-time visibility and control, including centralized lockdown
  • Multi-technology readers, including the MT and MTB Series, are lockdown capable and compatible with encrypted smart or mobile credentials. For added security select the option with keypad to enable multi-factor (card+PIN) authentication
  • When real-time lockdown is required on classroom doors, NDE wireless locks are budget friendly and easy to install. Choose AD300 wired or AD400 wireless locks for advanced functionality including multi-factor (card+PIN) authentication
  • Grade 1 mechanical L Series and ND Series locks are built for higher security applications providing greater strength, durability, and more features than Grade 2 locks
  • CO-220 is a standalone classroom lockdown solution that enables the immediate lockdown of up to ten CO-200s within range, should an emergency arise


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