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MTKB15 Mobile Enabled Multi-Technology Wall Reader with Keypad

Mobile ready Schlage® MTB readers deliver maximum capabilities and compatibility in one single unit for simplified access control. The MTKB15 wall mount is designed to support a wide variety of technologies including Bluetooth® (BLE), NFC, keypad, proximity and smart, allowing a seamless transition to more secure credentials at customers' own pace. The ability to pair keypad use for multi-factor authentication provides even higher security in any facility.


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Schlage® mobile enabled multi-technology readers are designed to provide flexible options for making the move to secure mobile credentials at customers' own pace. The MTKB15 provides both a modern look and an advanced feature set including multi-factor authentication for higher security. Beyond proximity and smart, offering support for Schlage Mobile Bluetooth® Credentials (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC), including Apple’s Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) to support credentials in the Apple Wallet and Google Pay.   

The contactless readers use an open architecture design and feature out-of-the-box support for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure bi-directional communication.

The multi-technology readers accept Schlage MIFARE Classic® and MIFARE® DESFire® EV1, EV2 and EV3 smart credentials as well as most proximity and card serial numbers (CSN) of other manufacturer's smart credentials. 

When you need interoperable, high-security access control solutions, choose products bearing the OSDP Verified Mark. Schlage MTB readers have been tested and verified to meet the Security Industry Association (SIA) Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) communications standard for access control security and interoperability.

 Card + PIN (Multi-factor)

 Mobile BLE


 Open Architecture Solution

 Mobile NFC

 Networked Real-time

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For frequently asked questions, educational resources and technical product materials visit the Readers 101 page. 


  • Support for the widest range of credential technologies, including the latest in mobile:
    • Schlage Mobile Access via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 
    • NFC including Apple’s Enhanced Contactless Polling (ECP) to support credentials in the Apple Wallet
  • All readers include out-of-the-box support for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure bidirectional communication
  • OSDP Verified 
  • Pair keypad use such as card + PIN (multi-factor authentication) for even higher security 



  • Commission via ENGAGE mobile app for reader updates and easy configuration
  •  Improved voltage range of 5V to 28V for simplified power management
  • Accommodates interior, exterior, metal and non-metal installation environments
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty



  • Improved quick-connect cable allows for easy installation
  • Easy-to-install mounting bracket
  • Reads 125 kHz proximity, 13.56 MHz smart, 2.4 GHz Bluetooth and NFC technologies, with the ability to process multiple formats
  • Wiegand, Clock & Data and RS-485 outputs come standard for simple interface with most access control panels
  • Physical dimensions (HxWxD):    5.1″ x 3.25″ x 0.76″ 
  • Frequency:  2.4GHz, 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz
  • System interface: Wiegand / Clock & Data / OSDP / Optional RS-485 capability 
  • Standard default PIV output:  75 bit†
  • Standards:  ISO 14443A, ISO 15693
  • Power:  5-28 VDC
  • Wiring:  22 AWG, 12 conductor, 12" length
  • Operating temperatures:  -31° to 151°F (-35°  to 67° C)
  • LED (red, green, or amber) visual indicator and audio feedback 
  • Material:  PBT Polymer


† Configurable to other output formats. Check with access control provider for specific support.

  • FCC certification
  • IC certification
  • UL 294/cUL listed
  • RED Directive
  • CE Mark
  • IP65
  • Bluetooth SIG
  • RoHS 3


  • MTB11: Mullion mount mobile enabled multi-technology reader
  • MTB15: Single gang mount mobile enabled multi-technology reader
  • MTKB15: Single gang mount mobile enabled multi-technology with keypad reader



Reader Finishes

Black (standard)

Reader Finishes

Cool tone gray

Reader Finishes


Reader Finishes

Warm tone brown

Schlage® offers a variety of accessories and replacement parts to help ensure readers are always performing well. Visit the reader accessories data sheet to learn more. 


The MTB mobile enabled multi-technology reader will read Schlage® Mobile Bluetooth® Credentials, industry-leading smart credentials as well as proximity credentials. When installed as part of a proximity credential based system, the multi-technology reader will enable you to step up over time to more secure and versatile smart or mobile technology. 


Credential types

  • 2.4 GHz Mobile Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 
  • Mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) 
  • 13.56 MHz smart, including MIFARE Classic® and MIFARE® DESFire® EV1, EV2 and EV3
  • 125 kHz proximity Schlage Mobile Access Credentials via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth

For full credential system compatibility list, see the MTB reader data sheet



  • Mobile (Bluetooth, NFC) 
  • Cards
  • Keyfobs
  • PVC adhesive discs
  • Wearable wristbands
  • Custom artwork options

For complete details, visit the Credentials page

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