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Schlage Custom Encryption Key Service

Schlage's Custom Encryption Key Service is designed to create control, leverage and interoperability for the end user. Interoperability extends credential utility to other hardware manufacturers aligned with this non-proprietary, open architecture model.


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Why invest with a manufacturer who locks end users into a dated, proprietary encryption key business and technology model? Instead, consider an investment with Schlage and our open architecture, non-proprietary Custom Key Encryption Services which provides a greater level of control and flexibility for the end user.

As a trusted authority, Schlage’s Custom Encryption Key Service creates an encryption key unique to the end user. This encryption key is owned and controlled by the end user - not Schlage. Processes and infrastructure have been put in place to transparently develop and securely store custom encryption keys on behalf of the end user. Schlage has committed to manufacture products with the end user’s unique custom encryption key, without ever seeing the secret information. And, Schlage will securely distribute the key back to the end user upon request.

 Open Architecture Solution

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Control - End users own the encryption key rather than the manufacturer owning the key. Schlage will securely distribute the key back to the end user upon request. 


Freedom - End users determine which channel partners are assigned as authorized resellers of credentials, card readers and intelligent locking hardware configured with their custom key.


Choice - Custom encryption keys enable interoperability among competitive hardware manufacturers. End users get to choose best-in-class solutions and applications to meet their unique needs beyond access control. 


Security - Secure, user-owned credentials, makes the information proprietary to each institution. The data and information remain protected by a high level of encryption.  


Uninterrupted experience - End user environments, installed with a mix of manufacturers, may now be able to use a single credential among multiple hardware manufacturers.


Forward thinking - The technology an organization chooses today can directly impact what it gets in the future. Choosing an open technology system is more likely to work with future technology advancements. 

At Schlage, we understand that credentials are the key to a successful access control plan. And we know that some solutions available in the market today can lock you into a proprietary path that limits your options in the future. That is why we offer Schlage Credential Services with programs that are designed to provide you with a whole new level of security, adaptability and flexibility.

Credential Services from Schlage include:

  • Custom Encryption Keys
  • Default Keys
  • CardTrax™
  • Custom Format Consulting Services
  • Custom Card Printing

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Walter Schlage patented the first “smart home” device in 1909—a door lock that also turned the home’s lights on and off.

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Implementing a more secure credential - How to keep credential control in your hands with custom encryption keys

Simply stated, interoperability keeps you in control. It enables various technology systems to communicate and exchange and interpret information. This flexibility is what protects your freedom to choose best-in-class solutions that fit the specific needs of your campus.

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