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CardTrax™ Account Tracking Service

CardTrax™ account tracking ensures specific credential properties (facility code and badge ID) combinations are unique and never duplicated on any other cards we make for your account. Compatible with Corporate 1000™, the program is available to new and existing customers.


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Enhance security without adding cost through the CardTrax™ account tracking program. We keep track of card numbers that have shipped and fulfill future orders so that card numbers are never duplicated. The program is available to clients who order cards on a regular basis.

There are two types of CardTrax™ accounts available, Standard CardTrax™ and Restricted CardTrax™. Standard CardTrax™ accounts are available for end users, PACS/OEM’s and integrator customers. The account will track bit format, facility code, and Badge ID information. It will never allow duplicates to be sent to that specific customer. Restricted CardTrax™ accounts (bit formats 35C and 40X) are reserved for end users only. This type of account will track bit format facility code and Badge ID information. The bit format and facility code combination can only be registered by one end user, and once registered it is not available to any other end user.

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Added security - Ensures facility code and badge ID combination is unique and never duplicated on any other cards we make. 


Avoid card ordering mistakes - Eliminates potential errors or order duplication from other offices and facilities in your organization. We’ll keep track of the next badge ID number you need to assign to your next card order.


Flexibility - Order cards through the same provider or a different provider each time— either way we’ll still know what facility code to assign and what badge ID number to start with.


No upcharge – Other card providers often charge additional fees for card tracking services. We offer the same security without the added cost. Compare & save.


Compatible with Corporate 1000™ - Our program fulfills card orders for both the 35C and 40X bit formats (please note 35C and 40X formats are only registered to end users). Any proximity credentials that were previously enrolled in the HID Corporate 1000 program are compatible with the CardTrax program. And there is no charge for our card tracking services.

At Schlage, we understand that credentials are the key to a successful access control plan. And we know that some solutions available in the market today can lock you into a proprietary path that limits your options in the future. That is why we offer Schlage Credential Services with programs that are designed to provide you with a whole new level of security, adaptability and flexibility.

Credential Services from Schlage include:

  • Custom Encryption Keys
  • Default Keys
  • CardTrax™
  • Custom Format Consulting Services
  • Custom Card Printing

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