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CO-100 Standalone Keypad Programmable Lock

This simple, standalone keypad-entry lock is designed for up to 500 unique users using PIN codes only. The CO-100 is an economic alternative when trying to minimize key distribution.


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The CO-100 is a standalone, easy-to-manage, low maintenance lock that uses PIN codes as credentials. User rights are stored on the lock with unique PINs assigned to each user. This minimizes the number of mechanical keys issued, protecting the integrity of a facility’s key system.

Administrator level users program the CO-100 using its keypad at the door to add or delete user PINs or change preferences or functions at any time.

The CO-100 is ideal for:

  • Visitor pass through/common areas
  • Vestibules or reception area doors controlled by remote release
  • Maintenance areas
  • Supply/equipment rooms
  • Workout/exclusive use spaces
  • Private spaces such as restrooms, nursing, or fitting rooms - anywhere visual occupancy indication is desired

Cylindrical, mortise, mortise deadbolt, and exit trim chassis options are available as well as a wide variety of finishes and levers to suite with existing hardware. 

 Card + PIN (Multi-factor)


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Electronic Locks

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  • Electronic access control helps minimize key distribution and ensures the integrity of the key system
  • Classroom/storeroom, office, and privacy functions available
  • Key override is standard. Compatible with cylinders from Schlage and other popular brands
  • Hardwired remote release push button capability on office function locks



  • Manages up to 500 PINs with user rights stored on the lock
  • PINs can be issued and revoked quickly at the keypad
  • Utilize existing master key system
  • Low lifetime cost of ownership



  • Normal, toggle, pass through, and freeze programming options
  • Programmable lighted occupancy indication available on privacy function locks
  • Compatible with most major brands of exit devices
  • Up to 2 years battery life with status indicator for easy maintenance

Reader options

  • Keypad


User verification

  • Capable of credential verification <1 second
  • Up to 500 users
  • Remote release available on Office function locks


Programming options

Basic users can:

  • Enter assigned PIN code to unlock door momentarily from normally locked state

Managers can:

  • Assign or delete basic user PIN codes
  • Be assigned toggle code privileges to change the lock to an unlocked state and back when desired

Administrators can:

  • Assign or delete basic user PIN codes
  • Change programming codes
  • Adjust desired relock delay from 1-120 seconds
  • Put lock into freeze state that cannot be toggled
  • Use a pass-through code to momentarily unlock regardless of current state
  • Disable or enable remote features like release or occupancy indication where available



  • Programmable privacy function option provides lighted occupancy indication when in use
  • Normal, toggle, pass through, and freeze credential attributes available
  • Battery life - up to 2 years with 4 AA batteries
  • Exterior Temp: -31° to 151°F (-35° to 66°C)
  • Interior Temp: 32° to 120°F (0° to 49°C) (battery)
  • Humidity: 0 - 100% non-condensing


For full electronic specifications please reference the CO-100 data sheet.

Chassis options

  • Cylindrical 
  • Mortise
  • Mortise deadbolt
  • Exit trim
  • Each offered with LED indicator or push button depending on lock function choice


Cylinder and keys

  • Key override: standard
  • Standard: Schlage 6-pin Everest 29 S123 keyway Conventional cylinder with two patented keys
  • Factory master keying available
  • Conventional (KIL), FSIC, and SFIC cylinder options
  • Less cylinder options to fit common Sargent®, Corbin Russwin®, Medeco®, Yale® and Falcon® cylinders
  • View more Lever and Cylinder Compatibility


For full mechanical specifications per chassis please reference the CO-100 data sheet.

The CO-100 is available only with a keypad.  Normal, toggle, pass through, and freeze credential attributes are available.


Credential Support

  • Keypad (3-6 digit PIN)

Classroom/Storeroom (70)

  • Lock is normally secure
  • If needed, a toggle code can be used to change to a locked or unlocked state
  • No interior button–the state of the lock cannot be changed from the inside

Office (50)

  • Lock is normally secure
  • Pressing the interior push button allows users to leave door unlocked
  • Optional remote release (wired)


Privacy (40)

  • Pressing the interior push button disables normal electronic access from the exterior (lock will reset to normal locked status after egressing or pressing push button again)
  • Programmable lighted occupancy indication option

To ensure safety, all functions always allow for free egress.



  • Mortise deadbolt chassis only available with Privacy (40) function
  • Reference price book for availability of function availability per chassis

  • 8 popular lever styles
  • 8 finishes
  • Weather-resistant for interior and perimeter applications
















Warm tone finishes

605 Bright brass

605 Bright brass

606 Satin brass

606 Satin brass

612 Satin bronze

612 Satin bronze

643e Aged bronze (simulated equivalent)

643e Aged bronze (simulated equivalent)

Cool tone finishes

619 Satin nickel

619 Satin nickel

625 Bright chrome

625 Bright chrome

626 Satin chrome

626 Satin chrome

626AM Satin chrome with antimicrobial coating

626AM Satin chrome with antimicrobial coating


Designed to create an attractive and cohesive building-wide look when paired with other Schlage, Von Duprin or LCN devices. 

  • ANSI/BHMA A156.25 locked outdoor
  • Cylindrical - ANSI/BHMA A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1
  • Mortise - ANSI/BHMA A156.13, Series 1000, Grade 1
  • Exit trim - ANSI/BHMA A156.3, Grade 1
  • UL 294
  • ULC S319
  • UL 10C 3 hour
  • FCC Part 15
  • ADA compliant
  • TDI DR-4641, DR-4651
  • FL124001, FL46131, FL39052, FL15921, FL133561 and FL144821


1Applies to cylindrical and mortise chassis only
2Applies to mortise chassis only

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The innovative Schlage Control™ Mobile Enabled Smart Locks were introduced in 2019 for the multifamily market—allowing residents to use their mobile phone as a key to their apartment.

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