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WPR400 Portable Reader

The WPR400 is a battery-powered portable reader with a communication range of up to 1,000 feet. It enables real-time connectivity for remote access points.


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The Wireless Portable Reader (WPR400) was designed to extend a facility’s access control to remote locations at a moment’s notice. It utilizes the same credential reader modules offered with our AD Series electronic locks.

The WPR400 is a battery-operated device and can be handheld or placed in a convenient temporary location to allow for credential verification.

WPR400 is designed to be intuitive to use and easy to set-up. When used within range, the WPR400 is ready to accept its first credential within moments of powering up and connecting to a previously paired PIM400.

When configured and used in cache mode, the WPR400 keeps a local database of access grants for the last 1,000 valid users to allow use beyond range of the PIM400.

Whether used for mustering, a check point, or bus loading registration, the WPR400 can be used to extend the perimeter of any facility on a temporary or permanent basis.

WPR400 can also be manually configured to operate as a wireless portable tester with the ability to evaluate the installation locations of PIM400s and AD-400 devices.

 Card + PIN (Multi-factor)

 Networked Real-time

 Upgradeable or Adaptable


 Open Architecture Solution

 Wireless – 900 MHz

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Electronic Locks

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  • Real-time communication capable with option to configure to cache mode for offline use
  • Unique 900 MHz communication protocols that won’t interfere with other wireless networks
  • Secure encrypted data transmission
  • Keypad option available on all reader types for multi-factor authentication



  • Open architecture platform is compatible with most major building access control systems 
  • Enables mustering, check point or bus loading registration of large groups



  • Portable – use anywhere within range of paired panel interface module for real-time communications
  • Works with same credential used for other areas of the building or campus
  • Accepts any AD Series reader allowing upgrades to occur as credential technologies change
  • Field configurable to work as a wireless portable signal tester

Reader options

  • Multi-technology reader compatible with proximity (125 kHz) and smart (13.56 MHz)
  • Multi-technology reader with keypad
  • Si reader supports HID smart credentials
  • Si reader with keypad
  • Magnetic stripe reader in swipe or insertion style
  • Magnetic stripe reader with keypad in swipe or insertion style
  • Keypad only 
  • Multi-technology reader with keypad compatible with PIV/PIV-I credentials (WPR401 with FMK reader)


User verification

  • Capable of credential verification <1 second; LED indicator visually confirms
  • Number of users and audit capability varies depending on access control provider system capability


Connectivity options

  • Wiegand (with PIM400-TD2)
  • Clock & Data (with PIM400-TD2)
  • RS-485 (with PIM400-485)
  • IP (with PIM400-1501LC)


Communication standards

  • 900 MHz spread spectrum, direct sequence, 10 channels with configurable dynamic channel switching
  • 902-928 MHz frequency range
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), 128-bit


For full electronic specifications please reference WPR400 data sheet.


The WPR400 wireless portable reader is compatible with all AD Series modular credential readers.

The WPR400 has reader options ranging from keypad only to multi-technology capability with or without keypads for multi-factor authentication.

Also available is the Si option which reads the secure application area of HID smart credentials.  


Credential types

  • Smart (13.56 MHz); including Schlage MIFARE Classic and Schlage MIFARE DESFire EV
  • Smart + PIN
  • Proximity (125 kHz)
  • Proximity + PIN
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Magnetic stripe + PIN
  • PIN (3-6 digit)


For a complete list of credential compatibility information please see the AD-400 data sheet.

As part of the AD Series of networked locks, the WPR400 has been integrated into leading physical access control systems through our PACS Alliance program.

Click here to see which PACS providers have integrated Schlage electronic locks.

Or visit the Technology Alliances web page for solution sheets and technical information. 

  • NEMA 1, 4, 4X, 6
  • FCC Part 15
  • Industry Canada (IC)
  • RoHS

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