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PR10 Proximity Mini-Mullion Reader

The legacy PR10 proximity reader is compatible with 125 kHz low frequency credentials and can be used for lower security applications. It features a compact, unobtrusive design for easy installation in tight spaces.  


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Schlage® proximity readers are sleek, compact and provide a cost-effective option for applications requiring lower security. The mini-mullion design makes the PR10 ideal for installation in tight spaces. The PR10 recognizes most industry leading 125 kHz proximity credentials and can easily integrate into existing legacy proximity systems. 

Why consider migrating from proximity? 

Whether considering a new build, migrating or upgrading, most institutions strive to provide trusted security while balancing today’s (and tomorrow’s) expectations for a convenient, seamless experience. Transitioning from legacy magnetic stripe or low frequency proximity technology to something more secure like MIFARE DESFire and/or Schlage Mobile BLE can help defend against hacks and provide more control. Schlage® mobile-enabled multi-technology readers allow organizations to transition over time, at their own pace. 

Schlage's trusted advisors are here to help determine the right migration plan. 

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  • Reads 125 kHz proximity credentials
  • Wiegand output for simple interface with most access control panels
  • LED (red, green, or amber) visual indicator and audio feedback make the representing status easily discernible for the audibly or visually impaired



  • Compatible with Schlage and other industry manufacturers’ credentials
  • Reduced model lineup limits complexity
  • Limited lifetime warranty



  • Accommodates interior, exterior, metal and non-metal installation environments
  • Quick-connect cable allows for easy installation
  • Easy-to-install mounting bracket
  • Physical dimensions (HxWxD):  4.26″ x 1.72″ x 0.81″
  • Frequency:  125 kHz
  • System interface: Wiegand
  • Power:  5-16 VDC
  • Operating temperatures:  -31° to 151°F (-35°  to 67° C)
  • LED (red, green, or amber) visual indicator and audio feedback 
  • Material:  PBT Polymer
  • FCC certification
  • IC certification
  • UL 294 listed
  • RED Directive (15 EU countries)
  • CE Mark
  • IP65-rated


Reader Finishes

Black (standard)

Reader Finishes

Cool tone gray

Reader Finishes


Reader Finishes

Warm tone brown

Schlage® offers a variety of accessories and replacement parts to help ensure readers are always performing well. Visit the reader accessories data sheet to learn more. 


The PR10 proximity reader will read Schlage and industry-leading proximity credentials.


Credential types

  • 125 kHz proximity 
  • Schlage proximity 
  • HID® proximity
  • GE/CASI ProxLite®
  • AWID® proximity
  • LenelProx®

For full credential system compatibility list, see the Single Technology data sheet.



  • Clamshell
  • ISO glossy white cards
  • Keyfobs
  • PVC adhesive discs
  • Custom artwork options


For complete details, visit the Credentials page.

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