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692 Series Request-to-Exit SmartBar™

Schlage 692 Series request-to-exit push bars enable immediate egress when properly installed per local code. The 692 Series uses two photo beams along the bar to detect intention to exit. Breaking either or both beams, or loss of power, will deactivate the relay and release the door.


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Schlage request-to-exit devices are used on access controlled egress doors to ensure occupants are able to safely exit. They are a non-latching releasing device utilizing infrared detection to release electronic lock devices; most commonly an electromagnetic lock. Code requires that the locking mechanism on these doors can be released with a single natural motion.

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  • Infrared detection along bar releases locking device when light beam is broken
  • One motion egress when installed with electromagnetic or electrified locks
  • Large “PUSH TO EXIT” lettering provides obvious exit indication with glow-in-the-dark option
  • Low profile provides ample clearance through the door
  • Audible alarm is standard, alerts prolonged unlock condition



  • Releases electromagnetic or electrified locks when light beam is broken or bar is touched
  • Left- or right-hand reverse (field reversible)
  • Field sized or orderable for 36", 42" or 48" doors
  • For aluminum, hollow metal and wood doors



  • Built-in redundancy, activation via touch or lightbeam, provides peace of mind
  • No moving parts for low maintenance and long life
  • Heavy-duty aluminum extrusion with cast metal end caps for maximum durability
  • Quick installation brackets/universal mounting system


  • 692-RD: Black touchpad with red "PUSH TO EXIT"
  • 692-GID: Black touchpad with glow-in-the-dark "PUSH TO EXIT"



  • Input voltage: 12 or 24 VDC maximum current draw .5 amps
  • Switch: DPDT contacts rated 4 amps @ 30 VDC 
  • Wiring: 8 conductor cable - 20 AWG (standard)
  • 18" x 1/2" amored door cord shipped standard



  • 628: Satin anodized aluminum (standard)
  • 313: Dark satin bronze anodized aluminum



  • Size: 3 orderable options for 36", 42" or 48" doors; can be cut to size in the field
  • Handing: Left- or right-hand reverse (field reversible)



  • WD - Through bolt door kit for heavy-duty wood door and hollow metal door applications
  • SHK - Aluminum door mounting shim kit includes brackets, shims and screws for narrow stile aluminum doors*


* Note: Screw pack has self-drilling and self-tapping screws for aluminum and wood door applications and rivnuts for hollow metal door applications. 


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  • UL294 and UL1034 Listed

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In accordance with California PROP65 - WARNING WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

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Walter Schlage patented the first “smart home” device in 1909—a door lock that also turned the home’s lights on and off.

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