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System Accessories


Schlage system accessories include a variety of devices that easily integrate with most existing security systems to enable specific functionality whether in standalone applications or as part of networked electronic access control (EAC) systems.

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Allegion’s broad systems accessories offering includes pushbuttons, key switches, request-to-exit devices, monitoring stations & consoles, exit sensors, electric horns and more. These work together with other components to safely control and properly secure a facility. The code requirements that apply to electrified hardware and access control can be difficult to interpret, please visit for additional information.

  • System accessories are used to customize an electrified or electronic access control opening to meet the stated operational and code requirements
  • They are typically used in conjunction with other products to notify of a change in lock state, enable free egress, or to switch the status of a lock or latching mechanism
  • Door Position Sensors - monitor the current position of the door, open or closed
  • Egress Controls and Sensors - enable free egress and can be used to enable authorized ingress
  • Power Transfer Devices - provides the means to transfer power and monitoring signals to doors with electrified hardware
  • Remote Control & Release - provides the ability to remotely control and release doors with electrified hardware
  • Remote Monitoring Stations - provide visibility to the status of doors with electrified hardware

  • Door position sensors typically work using a sensor and a magnet
  • The sensor has an internal reed switch that is closed when it is aligned with a magnet
  • When the door is opened, the magnet is separated from the sensor which releases the reed switch and alerts the access control panel
  • The access control system can be programed to sound an alarm, for example, if the door is propped open for an extended period of time
  • There are different types of door position sensors including surface mounted, concealed or flush mounted, and floor mounted; choose the best fit for the door type and application requirements
  • For sensitive applications including government and IT, we recommend the use of FSS1 high security door position sensors with built-in intelligence and Hall effect features to help prevent against attacks through magnetic, electronic or physical means

Egress controls and sensors are typically used to enable free egress from the inside of an electrifed opening; although they also can be used for ingress.

There are different types of egress controls and sensors as follows:

  • Push buttons - push a button for a momentary, delayed or maintained action
  • Keyswitches - activate a momentary or maintained action by the use of a key
  • Emergency break-glass release - allows normally locks doors to function when emergency egress is needed
  • Request-to-Exit TouchBar - enables immediate egress with simple push bar activation
  • Request-to-Exit SmartBar - enables immediate egress when photobeams along the arm detect intention to exit; or in the event power is lost
  • Wave actuators - enables momentary or delayed activation without making contact with a surface. Visit for more information
  • There are a variety of options designed to transfer power from the frame to the door
  • Armored door cords, aka power transfer loops, provide a simple and economic solution; they are available for inswinging and outswinging doors
  • Eletrical power transfers, aka EPT's, are completely concealed when the door is in the closed position, and are ideally suited for installation involving abuse or heavy traffic. Visit for more information
  • Electrified Hinges provide a more secure and elegant aesthetic by hiding wiring from view. Visit for more information
  • Power transfer pivots are generally used on heavier exterior door applications. Visit for more information
  • Remote release buttons can be placed under a desk or counter and used to release an electrified or electronic locking mechanism from a remote location
  • These are often found in office reception areas, where a receptionist can press the button to allow an authorized person into the building
  • These can be specified as a maintained or momentary action
  • Wall mount stations provide audible or visual monitoring of lock status; key switch models enable momentary or maintained action 
  • Desktop stations can monitor up to eight zones
  • We recommend that you check with your local AHJ or Allegion Code Expert to confirm the proper system accessories required by code
  • Please contact us if you need additional information or assistance

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