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Multi-Technology Credentials using MIFARE Classic®

Powerful multi-technology credentials using MIFARE Classic smart + proximity technology (125 kHz + 13.56 MHz) that allows customers to economically improve security of existing legacy applications over time. Available in ISO style card and thin key fob. 


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Schlage multi-technology using MIFARE Classic credentials are extremely flexible. Particularly useful for facilities with moderate security needs during a transition from magnetic stripe or proximity technology to smart technology, this card can be read by both proximity readers and smart readers. This allows customers to economically migrate to more secure MIFARE technology utilized by Schlage readers and wireless locks at their own pace. 

 Open Architecture Solution


 Smart (encrypted)

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  • Includes both 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz smart technologies in one credential
  • Open architecture design is built on ISO 14443A standards, providing for a faster data transfer speed
  • Compatible with Schlage (encrypted) and other industry manufacturers’ readers and electronic locks (CSN only)
  • Allows users an economic and convenient way to migrate to newer, more secure, smart technology



  • CardTrax™ account tracking program helps keep track of card numbers at no additional cost
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects



  • Custom artwork and laser engraving available
  • All credentials are composite, making the credential more durable
  • Available in multiple memory capacities

The credentials come in several models in various form factors and capacity options. View the data sheet to see all options.


Form factors

  • ISO glossy white - Similar in size and thickness to a credit card, ideal surface for printing custom artwork and images for identification
  • Magnetic Stripe ISO glossy white - ISO style card that also includes a magnetic stripe 
  • Thin key fob - Thinner style form factor for key ring applications 

Credential Technology

  • Multi-technology credentials combining MIFARE Classic®smart and proximity 
  • 13.56 MHz frequency and 125 KHz frequency



  • Compliant with international standard ISO 14443
  • 3DES encryption protects data being relayed between card and reader 
  • Diversified keys
  • Mutual authentication 



  • Contactless 
  • Read range up to 3″



  • Can store multiple applications for a variety of functions
  • Open architecture system allows use beyond access control
  • Fixed memory structure
  • Standardization gives vendors flexibility to write applications to the credentials 

Schlage has partnered with NXP and its globally leading MIFARE® brand to provide smart card solutions, giving our customers greater choice and flexibility when building their ecosystem.

NXP's MIFARE technology has achieved:

  • Products that are proven and reliable with over 25 years of production
  • Over 10 billion chips sold to date
  • Utilized by more than 55% of all high-frequency (HF) access management systems throughout the world
  • More than 1,000 partners in the MIFARE community
  • 40 different types of applications globally

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Walter Schlage patented the first “smart home” device in 1909—a door lock that also turned the home’s lights on and off.

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