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XE360™ Series Wireless Locks and Exit Trim

The Schlage XE360™ Series is designed with the features and style most looked for by multifamily properties - at an attractive price point. They operate in offline or No-Tour environments and support the latest credential technologies. And the XE360™ is ready for the future with the innovative FleX Module™ allowing the XE360 Series to be easily upgraded in the field to allow migration from an offline to networked solution and adapt to emerging trends in security and connectivity.

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The Schlage XE360™ Series makes it easy for multifamily developers and property managers to attract and retain residents by offering a secure and mobile friendly access control solution across the site. The XE360™ Series was designed to work seamlessly in the same system as Schlage Control™, NDE and LE wireless locks. For improved security, the XE360™ wireless exit trim can be used on perimeter and common area doors, stairwells and garage entries. And for added convenience, XE360™ wireless locks can be installed for easy access to amenities like the fitness center, mail room, bike storage and shared office spaces.

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Electronic Locks

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  • Built-in intelligence provides the data needed to make managing access more efficient and the property more secure
  • Audit trails identify specific credentials used at the door in the event of a security breach
  • Advanced encryption keeps data and communications safe
  • Unique concealed key override maintains the sleek look of the lock on the door while providing residents with peace of mind
  • Smart and mobile credentials are easier to track and manage versus mechanical keys
  • Leasing agents can easily enroll users and assign credential access from the office
  • No-Tour functionality eliminates the need to tour the door to add or delete credentials from the locks
  • Manage one access control system and database across the property
  • Residents can use smart fobs or mobile credentials for easy access to their apartment as well as common areas and amenities across the site
  • Many renters have experienced card or mobile access at college and in the workplace, they will pay more for similar convenience at their home
  • Depending on the system, temporary credential access can be assigned for maintenance, deliveries, and visitor access
  • Three models cover a wide range of applications, from perimeter to common areas and amenities for a one system solution
  • The new and innovative FleX Module™ board allows the XE360 Series locks to be easily upgraded in the field to allow migration from an offline to networked solution and adapt to emerging trends in security and connectivity as the building's needs or technology change


Did You Know?

The innovative Schlage Control™ Mobile Enabled Smart Locks were introduced in 2019 for the multifamily market—allowing residents to use their mobile phone as a key to their apartment.

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