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ENGAGE™ for Device Commissioning

The ENGAGE mobile app is used to commission and connect devices to industry leading physical access control software (PACS) or multifamily proptech systems.  The ENGAGE mobile app includes support for Schlage Control®, NDE, LE, XE360TM, MTB, CTE, RC, GWE, TKE and Von Duprin RU and RM.


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The ENGAGE™ mobile app is required to initialize Schlage and Von Duprin devices that feature ENGAGE™ technology.  The mobile app is free and available for Apple and Android smart devices.

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Features of the ENGAGE mobile app

  • Immediately add, configure or update locks via mobile app wirelessly using Bluetooth® enabled smart phone or tablet at the door
  • Can be used for other tasks including device firmware updates, hardware diagnostics and device audits
  • Works with latest models of Apple and Android phones
  • Intuitive user interface simplifies the commissioning process

Device Compatibility

  • Schlage LE wireless mortise locks
  • Schlage NDE wireless cylindrical locks
  • Schlage Control® smart locks
  • Schlage XE360™ wireless locks and exit trim
  • Schlage CTE single door controller with MTB multi-technology readers
  • Schlage TKE Test Kit
  • Von Duprin RU and RM (see datasheet for specific support)
  • ENGAGE GWE Gateway
  • Works with latest models of Apple and Android phones
  • Mobile devices require Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, and or cell data for full compatibility
  • Bluetooth® communication is limited in range and the user should be as close as possible (< 10 ft) to the device for robust Bluetooth® communications 

Mobile Application Phone Support

We support and test the flagship phone models from Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Google for the last 2 years, such as:

  • iPhone 13 Pro or newer
  • Samsung S21 or newer


Mobile Application Operating System Support

We support and test major revisions for Android and iOS for the last 2 years such as:

  • iOS 15 or newer
  • Android 11 (API 30) or newer


Additional Compatibility

Other phone models, operating systems, or web browsers may work, but are not officially supported at this time.

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