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Schlage Mobile Bluetooth® Credentials

Schlage Mobile Bluetooth® Credentials enable people to use their smart phone instead of a plastic badge or fob to securely unlock an opening. Ideal for multi-family properties and small business, the Schlage Mobile Access app is available for Apple and Android devices.


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Balancing security, cost and convenience can be challenging for property managers and business owners.  But the evolution of mobile technology offers a world of new possibilities.  Mobile credentials eliminate the need to broadly issue and track brass keys, while adding greater convenience and a better experience for residents, employees and visitors. Schlage Mobile Bluetooth® Credentials feature best-in-class asymmetric encryption for added security and peace of mind.

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For frequently asked questions, educational resources and technical product materials visit the Credentials 101 page. 


  • Best-in-class asymmetric credential encryption
  • The built-in fingerprint or facial recognition features on the phone are used to confirm identity



  • Quick response from smart device to mobile enabled lock or reader
  • Unlock an opening from up to 30’ away*
  • Supports iOS and Android; available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store 



  • No-Tour compatibility through the Schlage Mobile Bluetooth® Credential is available with ENGAGE as well as select PACS and Multifamily Technology Alliances
  • Reduces time and costs; issue credentials remotely and deliver in a contactless manner
  • Eco-friendly; eliminates waste from issuing plastic cards to each user
  • Decrease the hassle of replacing lost or stolen cards or keys 
  • No need for internet connection or cellular service at the opening once the credential is downloaded to the phone and access rights are synced to the device
  • Designed to work with ENGAGE™ for Access Control, Pure Access Cloud as well as participating PACS and Multifamily Technology Alliances

Supported products

  • Schlage Control® mobile-enabled smart locks
  • Schlage CTE single door controller with MTB multi-technology readers
  • Schlage LEB wireless mortise locks
  • Schlage NDEB wireless cylindrical locks
  • Schlage MTB multi-technology readers
  • Schlage RC reader controllers


Mobile Application Phone Support

We support and test major phone models from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and Google for the last 3 years, such as:

  • iPhone 12 or newer
  • Samsung S20 or newer


Mobile Application Operating System Support

We support and test major revisions for Android and iOS for the last 3 years such as:

  • iOS 14 or newer
  • Android 11.0 (API 30) or newer


Other phone models and operating systems may work, but are not officially supported at this time.

Credential technology

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) 2.4 GHz


Opening modes

  • Using mobile app, select door to unlock



  • Schlage MTB Readers and RC reader controllers can be configured to read up to 30’
  • Schlage Control®, NDEB and LEB wireless locks are configurable and can read up to 15’



  • Mobile access credentials are protected by device lock screen
  • Over-the-air communication generates keypair for each session
  • Using the ECDH algorithm the exchanged public key and private key are used to create a session key that will be used to encrypt information for the session


Solution Support

  • ENGAGE™ web & mobile apps support No-Tour with Schlage Mobile Bluetooth Credentials for multifamily properties 
  • ENGAGE™ web & mobile apps support Schlage Mobile Bluetooth Credentials for small businesses
  • Pure Access Cloud supports mobile credentials for low to medium complexity applications
  • Proptech and PACS providers have integrated Schlage Mobile Access into their solutions; for specific support by provider please visit our Technology Alliances


Expanded Enrollment Options

  • Effective April 2022, Schlage Mobile Bluetooth Credentials can be created in the ENGAGE web app; the credential value (bit format, facility code and badge ID) can be copied into most PACS or Proptech software and managed like a traditional card or ID badge 


Software Development

  • Please contact your local Allegion Sales Consultant for information on the Schlage Mobile Access SDK

Smart phones have replaced just about everything in our lives; we rarely leave home without them!  So why not offer the convenience of mobile credentials in place of a key or ID badge? 

Benefits include:

  • Schlage Mobile Bluetooth Credentials are easy to administer and are eco-friendly, saving business owners and property managers time and money
  • Schlage Mobile Bluetooth Credentials feature best-in-class encryption and take advantage of built-in security features on the phone including PIN number or fingerprint to confirm identity  
  • Residents, visitors and staff will enjoy seamless access across the building or property; simply open the app and tap on the door to unlock it

Credential Licenses

  • One-Year Flexible License (SMA-ENGAGE-FLEX-1YR)
    The One-Year Flexible License enables facility administrators to grant visitors, temporary workers, and maintenance staff access when required. When a flexible credential is disabled, the remaining time on the license is retained and can be reused for your next visitor. Please note that One-Year Flexible Licenses also support the No-Tour feature.
  • Five-Year Fixed License (SMA-ENGAGE-FIX-5YR)
    The Five-Year Fixed License is the ideal credential solution for long-term residents or employees. The Five-Year License is our longest-term credential. Please note that Five-Year Licenses do not support the No-Tour feature and cannot be reassigned.


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Did You Know?

Walter Schlage patented the first “smart home” device in 1909—a door lock that also turned the home’s lights on and off.

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