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ENGAGE™ for Access Control

ENGAGE cloud-based web and mobile applications are ideal for basic access control within small businesses and multifamily properties. Connect compatible devices over Wi-Fi for periodic updates or use No-Tour which enables Schlage smart and mobile credentials to deliver updates to devices.  ENGAGE for access control supports Schlage Control®, NDE, LE, XE360TM, and CTE with MTB readers as well as Von Duprin RU and RM.  


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Whether you’re looking to use electronic access control for the first time, or simply need a straightforward solution to manage your property, ENGAGE cloud-based web and mobile apps make it easy to connect and control more doors from anywhere. ENGAGE improves efficiencies and provides the data you need to manage your business more effectively.  With the ENGAGE cloud-based web and mobile apps, it’s easy to configure settings, manage users, assign access privileges, and view audits and alerts from your office or the convenience of a remote location.  


 Mobile BLE

 Smart (encrypted)

 Small Business

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  • Supports 125 kHz proximity, 13.56 MHz Schlage smart, and Schlage Mobile Bluetooth® Credentials; see Credential Support section for specific compatibility by device
  • Supports lock and user schedules to limit the hours and days an individual can gain access to assigned points 
  • Supports holiday schedules allowing the suspension of normal operations for user defined periods per door during non-normal days



  • Use ENGAGE mobile app to commission devices and connect them to the ENGAGE access control system
  • Enables management of up to 100 locks (500 for Schlage Control) with up to 5,000 users each depending on lock model
  • Assign credential type including master, normal, toggle, freeze, pass through, blocked and lockdown
  • View audits from anywhere and export through cloud-based web application



  • Add or manage users, assign access privileges and enroll credentials from anywhere 
  • Immediately add, configure or update locks via mobile app wirelessly using Bluetooth® enabled smart phone or tablet at the door
  • Connect NDE and LE locks and CTE single door controller to Wi-Fi® network for automatic updates overnight


Please see the Von Duprin RU RM data sheet for specific features and benefits.

Device Compatibility

  • Schlage LE wireless mortise locks
  • Schlage NDE wireless cylindrical locks
  • Schlage Control® smart locks (Wi-Fi connectivity not supported)
  • Schlage XE360™ wireless locks and exit trim
  • Schlage CTE single door controller with MTB multi-technology reader
  • Schlage Mobile Bluetooth® Credentials
  • Von Duprin RU and RM (see datasheet for specific support)


For full electronic specifications please reference the ENGAGE web & mobile applications data sheet.

System features 

  • Maximum number of locks/devices: NDE, LE and CTE = Up to 100; Schlage Control®  = Up to 500
  • Maximum number of users: Up to 5,000
  • Maximum number of audits: Up to 100,000
  • Maximum number of lock/device schedules: Up to 16*
  • Maximum number of holidays: Up to 32*
  • Maximum number of user schedules: Up to 16
  • Maximum number of Master credentials: 40

Support will vary by device, see ENGAGE datasheet for specific footnotes. 


Update capability 

  • Bluetooth®: NDE, LE, Schlage Control®, CTE
  • Wi-FI: NDE, LE, CTE
  • No-Tour: NDE, LE, Schlage Control®, CTE

Support will vary by device, see ENGAGE datasheet for specific footnotes. 


Lock Functions 

  • Storeroom: NDE and LE
  • Office: NDE (requires NDEB) and LE
  • Privacy: NDE (requires NDEB) and LE
  • Apartment: NDE, LE, Schlage Control®

Support will vary by device, see ENGAGE datasheet for specific footnotes.


*Available on Schlage LE, NDE, and CTE only


Status Monitors (support will vary by device, see ENGAGE datasheet for specific footnotes):

  • Interior cover tamper: NDE, LE, Control, CTE
  • Request to exit: NDE, LE, CTE
  • Deadbolt position status: LE
  • Interior pushbutton: LE, NDE (requires NDEB)
  • Forced door: NDE, LE, CTE
  • Propped door: NDE, LE, CTE
  • Magnetic tamper: NDE, LE
  • Battery status (normal, low, critical): NDE, LE, Control
  • Battery voltage level: NDE, LE, Control


Additional information

Refer to the ENGAGE™ data sheet

Refer to the Von Duprin RU RM data sheet for specific features and benefits.



Credential Compatibility

  • Schlage MIFARE® Classic®: Schlage Control®, NDE, LE, MT20W, and CTE with MT/MTB readers
  • Schlage MIFARE® DESFire® EV: Schlage Control®, NDE, LE, MT20W, and CTE with MT/MTB readers
  • Schlage Mobile Bluetooth® Credentials (BLE): Schlage Control®, NDE, LE, and CTE with MTB readers
  • CSN - Card Serial Number from other manufacturers (unencrypted) only:  Schlage NDE, LE, and CTE with MT/MTB readers
  • 125 kHz proximity: Schlage NDE, LE and CTE with MT/MTB readers


Credential compatibility notes 

  • No-Tour solutions require Schlage credentials
  • No-Tour functionality requires minimum 1K byte/8k bit Schlage smart credential and MT20W enrollment reader or Schlage Mobile Bluetooth credentials
  • Schlage Mobile Bluetooth Credentials require use of mobile enabled models of locks and devices (NDEB, LEBMS, LEBMB, LEBMD, BE467F, FE410F, and CTE with MTB readers)
  • Smart credentials by other manufacturers can be used (except for No-Tour) and must be specified, the system will only read the unencrypted Card Serial Number (CSN)


Credential attributes

  • Normal: NDE, LE, Control, CTE
  • Toggle: NDE, LE, CTE
  • Pass through: NDE, LE, Control, CTE
  • Visitor/one-time use: NDE, LE, CTE
  • Freeze: NDE, LE, Control, CTE
  • Block: NDE, LE, Control, CTE

Mobile Application Phone Support

We support and test the flagship phone models from Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Google for the last 2 years, such as:

  • iPhone 13 or newer
  • Samsung S21 or newer


Mobile Application Operating System Support

We support and test major revisions for Android and iOS for the last 2 years such as:

  • iOS 15 or newer
  • Android 11 (API 30) or newer


Web Browsers

We support and test major revisions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge for the last 2 years such as:

  • Chrome 98 or newer
  • Safari 15 or newer


Additional Compatibility

Other phone models, operating systems, or web browsers may work, but are not officially supported at this time.



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