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Schlage Mobile Student ID

Schlage mobile student ID is the most secure way for students to get around campus with the ID they are used to carrying.  Students, faculty and staff at participating universities can add their campus ID cards to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay.


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Students use their smart phone to do just about everything these days.  That's why many colleges and universities now offer a mobile student id in place of a campus card or badge.  Leveraging NFC technology and contactless readers, students are able to easily gain access and make payments around campus using their smart phone or watch.  With mobile student id, issuing credentials is fast and easy; plus they can be distributed in a convenient, contactless manner.  And with the reduction of plastic waste, they are more eco-friendly than traditional id badges.

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  • Using encrypted NFC (near field communication) technology, mobile student ID is a more secure way to transact on campus; the mobile credential is stored directly on a user's device in the secure element
  • Leverages built-in security features on the users phone or watch for two-factor authentication
  • Immediately, and virtually, turn off access if the phone is reported lost or stolen
  • Apple does not know where you go, what you bought, or how much you spend; everything is managed directly through existing one card and access control providers, just as with the plastic card



  • Use the mobile student id for seamless access to designated buildings and doors in addition to vending, dining, library and many additional applications supported by the one-card provider
  • Delivers an enhanced user experience for their students, staff and faculty
  • Options available through the campus One Card solution provider for both iOS and Android devices 



  • Reduces time and costs; issue credentials remotely and deliver in a contactless manner
  • Eco-friendly; eliminates waste from issuing plastic cards to each user
  • Decrease the hassle of replacing lost or stolen cards or keys 
  • Designed to work with participating One Card solution providers

Supported products

  • Schlage AD-Series electronic locks
  • Schlage LE wireless mortise locks
  • Schlage NDE wireless cylindrical locks
  • Schlage MTB multi-technology readers

Please check with your campus One-Card solution provider for specific details


  • Specific support will vary, please ask your One Card provider for details


Solution Support

Participating One Card providers have integrated student id into their solution, please ask your local Allegion sales consultant for information on participating One Card solution providers

To enable this capability on campus, all readers must support an NFC credential. Examples include:

  • Interior and exterior door access
  • Dining hall and retail dining
  • Bookstore and off-campus retailers
  • Library, printing, laundry and vending
  • Event ticketing
  • Attendance tracking

Smart phones have replaced just about everything in our lives; we rarely leave home without them!  So why not offer the convenience of mobile credentials in place of a key or ID badge? 

Benefits include:

  • Mobile student ID's are easy to administer and are eco-friendly, saving campus card offices time and money
  • Mobile student ID's are stored in the Apple Wallet or Google Pay and can be used across campus for access control, vending, point-of-sales, dining halls, events, and more
  • Students, faculty and staff will enjoy seamless access across campus

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  • Please check with your One Card provider for specific resources


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