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650 Series Keyswitches

Keyswitches can be activated only by the use of a key for momentary or maintained action.  They are commonly used for ADA openings to enable or disable auto operators, operating overhead doors and locking or unlocking access control openings to sensitive areas.


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Schlage 650 Series keyswitches utilize an innovative magnetic spring design which allows installers to configure both clockwise and counterclockwise key turn direction as well as momentary or maintained action in seconds. Single gang and narrow stile faceplates are available with numerous options which include heavy-duty plate, weather-resistant cover (single gang size only), 2 LED lights – green/red, anti-tamper switch and Schlage Everest 29 cylinder. They operate with a 1-1/8" to 1-1/2" cylinder having a straight type cam.  Narrow style and standard single-gang faceplates in 6 finishes. Dual voltage in single gang and double pole models. 

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  • Patented magnetic spring design allows installers to configure momentary to maintained action in seconds
  • Available options include red/green LED lights, anti-tamper switch and Schlage Everest cylinder



  • Available water-resistant cover 
  • Single pole, double throw or double pole, double throw in both maintained and momentary action with a variety of combinations



  • Standard 630 satin stainless steel plate with 5 additional finish options on heavy-duty zinc plate
  • Standard or narrow stile cover options


650 Series keyswitches require a 1-1/8”, 1-1/4”, 1-3/8” or 1-1/2” mortise cylinder having a straight type cam and a blocking ring for 1-1/4” or longer cylinders. Optional Schlage Everest cylinders are 1-1/4” and come with a 1/8” ring.


Standard keyswitch

  • 5 amp @ 30 VDC
  • SPDT contacts
  • ATS switch closes when cover is on 0.025A@28VDC
  • LED indicator lights operate at 12/24 VDC 0.500A @ 30VDC



  • 653-04 - SPDT maintained single direction
  • 653-05 - SPDT momentary single direction
  • 653-14 - DPDT maintained single direction
  • 653-15 - DPDT momentary single direction
  • 653-1414 - (2) DPDT maintained bi-direction
  • 653-1415 - DPDT maintained x DPDT momentary
  • 653-1515 - (2) DPDT momentary bi-direction
  • 653-041 - SPDT maintained x key remove one position
  • 653-0404 - (2) SPDT maintained bi-direction
  • 653-0405 - SPDT maintained x SPDT momentary
  • 653-141 - DPDT maintained x key remove one position
  • 653-0505 - (2) SPDT momentary bi-direction



  • SF-630 satin stainless steel (standard)
  • SF-626 satin chrome on heavy-duty zinc
  • SF-605 bright brass on heavy-duty zinc
  • SF-612 satin bronze on heavy-duty zinc
  • SF-613 oil rubbed bronze on heavy-duty zinc
  • SF-626 bright chrome on heavy-duty zinc



  • L2 - Two LEDs (red/green), dual voltage 12/24 VDC
  • NS - Narrow stile stainless steel plate (1-3⁄4" x 4-1⁄2")
  • ATS - Anti-tamper switch
  • WP - Weather-resistant cover fits 1-1⁄8" cylinder only (not available with NS and L2 options)
  • CYL - 1-1⁄4" Schlage Everest mortise cylinder with 1⁄8" spacer ring (keyed different)
  • CYL-KA - 1-1⁄4" Schlage Everest mortise cylinder with 1⁄8" spacer ring (keyed alike)


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Note: 650 Series keyswitches operate with either a 1-1⁄8", 1-1⁄4", 1-3⁄8", or 1-1⁄2" cylinder having a straight type cam.

  • 1-1⁄8" mortise cylinder fits direct in key switch - no blocking ring required
  • 1-1⁄4" cylinders require a 1⁄8" blocking/spacer ring, Schlage part number 36-079-012 or equivalent (included with the CYL and CYL-KA options)
  • 1-3⁄8" mortise cylinder housing for SFIC cores - requires 1⁄4" blocking ring Schlage part number 36-079-025 or equivalent
  • 1-1⁄2" mortise cylinder housing for FSIC cores - requires 3⁄8" blocking ring Schlage part number 36-079-037 or equivalent

All cylinders, except 1 1⁄4" as CYL or CYL-KA options, must be ordered separately.

  • UL 294 Listed

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In accordance with California PROP65 - WARNING WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

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Walter Schlage patented the first “smart home” device in 1909—a door lock that also turned the home’s lights on and off.

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