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Schlage FSS1 Series High Security Door Position Sensor

FSS1 door position sensors provide a true high-security solution with adjustable anti-tamper features to help prevent against attacks through magnetic, electronic or physical means.  Designed with built-in intelligence and Hall effect features, they are ideal for government, military and IT applications.


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The FSS1 Series Door Position Sensor (DPS) was designed  as a state-of-the-art monitoring solution for high-security applications in government and military installations. It uses seven magnetic sensors to detect the unique magnetic footprint of the magnets on the opposing  faceplate.  

FSS1 learns its three-dimensional environment  using one sensor to detect the distance of the magnetic faceplate in relation to the device, while the other six sensors are used to determine the polarity, size, strength and position of the magnets on the unique faceplate. This three-dimensional data is registered into the device. Any interruption, change, or tampering with the device cover will trigger a response at the door and/or through the network as a silent or audible alarm.  Watch the overview video below to see how it works.

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  • Specifically developed for high-security applications
  • Designed to provide a true high-security solution with adjustable anti-tamper features to help prevent against attacks through magnetic, electronic or physical means
  • As a UL 634 high-security level 2 listed product, it is a superior replacement for traditional magnetic balanced reed sensors



  • Ideal for any high-security application including server farms, government facilities, test laboratories, and other areas where IP or sensitive data protection is needed
  • Offered as a flush-mount, mortise version for new construction and surface mount options
  • Can be applied to swinging doors only



  • Compact design in powder coat gray body with a stainless steel faceplate
  • Low voltage, solid-state components
  • Adjustable anti-tamper features create an audible and/or network notification


  • 194555101647 Surface Mount with Conduit 
  • 194555101654 Surface Mount without Conduit
  • 194555101661  Flush Mount Mortised


Door type

  • Hinged; swinging doors only


Power Requirements

  • Voltage/current: 10-30VDC/<45mA
  • Alarm and tamper contacts: 2 by N.C. (normal closed) common N.O. (normal open), 0.2A @ 30V



  • Hall effect


End of line compatibility

  • Space for type 1 and 2 end-of-line encryption modules


Door gap

  • 0.04-.26in vertical door gap, and up to .59in door movement for alarm to trigger
  • 1-7mm vertical door gap, and up to 15mm door movement for alarm to trigger



  • Surface Mount with Conduit - 1.34" H x 2.96" L x 1.38" D
  • Surface Mount without Conduit - 1.34" H x 2.96" L x 1.38" D
  • Flush Mount Mortised - 1.38" H x 4.33" L x 1.26" D


Additional information

Refer to the FSS1 data sheet


  • UL 634 High Security Level 2 - listed equipment BP9752

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In accordance with California PROP65 - WARNING WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

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