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SiteMaster 200 Management Software

SiteMaster 200 lets you manage key histories, identify interchanges between key systems and import or easily expand key system tracking.


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Utilizing key control software to assist in managing a mechanical key system is a necessity for any big organization. SiteMaster 200 software provides users a quick and easy way to manage their key systems. 

With SiteMaster 200, users have the ability to know what any door in their system is keyed to as well as who has been issued those keys. It helps reduce the complexity of a lost key incident and saves time in the key issuing process. In addition to the full version of SiteMaster 200, there is an available lock shop enhancement upgrade that offers additional benefits for locksmiths and shop team members. 

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Key Systems

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Key system management

  • Manage multiple key systems by client, manufacturer and Top Master Key
  • Generate new key systems and expand on or reproduce existing systems
  • Identify key interchange between different key systems


Key system control tools

  • Track who created a key and when
  • Identify the holder of lost and recovered keys
  • Maintain a complete history from creation to issued, lost, returned, damaged or not yet assigned keys


Simple data uploading

  • Edit and add doors on-the-fly
  • Look up and key doors without prior cylinder product assignments
  • Easily import existing systems and personnel data quickly through the use of included import wizards

Electronic validation through the website (Chrome browser recommended) allows users to easily manage all order authorizations for restricted key systems.

  • Eliminates paperwork and saves time
  • Provides a secure communication portal for generating restricted product authorizations
  • Creates electronic face sheets that can be faxed or emailed
  • Enables user review of order authorization history
  • Allows users to manage who can generate restricted product authorizations


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The Allegion interactive key systems chart can help you learn about layered security and how to apply it in your building. 

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