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HSLR Ligature-resistant Mortise Trim

High Security Ligature-Resistant (HSLR) trim on the L Series mortise chassis offers top level behavioral health protection per NYS-OMH standards.


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Schlage offers a comprehensive portfolio of door hardware that reduces the risk of injury or death due to ligature strangulation in all areas, but the HSLR (High Security Ligature-Resistant) trim is specifically recommended for high-risk applications. The patented crescent-style handle design has quickly become the standard for ligature resistance and accessibility. It is recognized by the widely-accepted New York State Office of Mental Health (NYS-OMH) Patient Safety Standard and achieves a "paperclip protection" designation on the mortise chassis. Optional key override adds an anti-barricade safety feature on four functions helping prevent self-harm situations by allowing the key to override a  thumbturn being held in a locked position.

Ideal for use on:    

  • Any high-risk behavioral health setting
  • Hospital room doors
  • Detention center doors

 Heavy Duty

 Primus upgradeable

 Monitoring Options

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Mechanical Locks

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  • Provides the highest level of ligature-resistance in an ADA compliant solution to positively contribute to healing environments 
  • “Paperclip Protection” designation as determined by NYS-OMH testing enables use in low-, medium- and high-risk areas
  • HSLR mortise chassis is tested and certified to ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 operational and security standards
  • UL listed for 3-hour fire door; spring-loaded fusible link inside lock case provides fail secure mode in case of fire   
  • Deadbolt functions include anti-saw pin in bolt to prevent cut-through     
  • Supplied with Torx® security screws
  • Lock monitoring options include request to exit (RX), latchbolt (LX), door postion (DPS), and deadbolt (DM) (availability varies by function)
  • Patented Everest 29™ S123 keyway is provided standard which prohibits unauthorized key duplication 
  • Restricted geographically exclusive Primus upgraded security options offer advanced key control and exceptional physical security



  • Available in 630 Satin Stainless Steel finish
  • ADA compliant - ”no pinch, no grasp”
  • See SK1 and SL1 ligature-resistant trims for other designs with more expanded finish options in healthcare solutions



  • 17 keyed and non-keyed functions
  • Four mechanical functions offer optional key override of the inside thumbturn when it is being held in the locked position to stop unwanted barricade situations
  • Five HSLR electrified ligature-resistant mortise trim functions (see separate web page for details)
  • 24 additional cylindrical HSLR ligature-resistant trim function options available (see separate web page for details)       


Built to Last

  • Two piece anti-friction tongue in latch bolt reduces wear
  • Breakaway spindle keeps door secured in the event of vandalism
  • Every Schlage lock undergoes intensive testing to determine its ANSI grade level including: cycle, resistance, door impact, warped door and bolt strength tests 

Non-keyed functions

  • L9010 Passage latch (ANSI F01)
  • L9044 Privacy with coin turn outside
  • L9444 Privacy with deadbolt and coin turn outside


Keyed non-deadbolt functions

Single cylinder

  • L9050 Entrance/office lock (ANSI F04)
  • L9056 Entrance/office lock with automatic unlocking and optional key override feature
  • L9070 Classroom lock (ANSI F05)
  • L9080 Storeroom lock (ANSI F07)

Double cylinder

  • L9071 Classroom security lock (ANSI F32)
  • L9082 Institution lock (ANSI F30)


Keyed deadbolt functions

Single cylinder

  • L9453 Entrance/office lock with deadbolt (ANSI F20)
  • L9456 Corridor lock with deadbolt (ANSI F13) and optional key override feature
  • L9465 Closet/storeroom lock
  • L9473 Dormitory/bedroom lock (ANSI F21)
  • L9480 Storeroom lock with deadbolt and optional key override feature
  • L9485 Faculty/hotel restroom lock with deadbolt and optional key override feature

Double cylinder

  • L9457 Classroom security lock with deadbolt (ANSI F33)
  • L9466 Utility room/storeroom lock (F14)



Optional key override is a safety feature, available on four functions, that allows the outside key to retract the deadbolt and/or latchbolt, depending on function, to override the inside thumbturn when it is being held in the locked position. 


  • Case: Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) with corrosion resistant zinc dichromate plating
  • Case size: 4-7/16" x 6 1/16" x 1" (113 mm x 154 mm x 25 mm)
  • Door thickness: 1-3/4" (44 mm) standard
  • Specify handing with order



  • Crescent style handle design in cast stainless steel
  • Large plate escutcheon: 6” x 13.17” x .32" (152 mm x 335 mm x 8 mm); cast brass
  • Handle projection from door is 2.27" (58 mm)   
  • Available 1/8" thick lock case lead lining option for use in X-ray or other rooms with radiation concern



  • Backset: 2-3/4" (70 mm) only
  • Armor: Standard - 1-1⁄4" x 8" x 7⁄32" (32 mm x 203 mm x 6 mm); Optional - 1-1⁄16" x 8" x 7⁄32"  (27 mm x 203 mm x 6 mm) 
  • Deadbolt: 1" (25 mm) throw stainless steel
  • Latch: 3⁄4" (19 mm) throw stainless steel with anti-friction tongue
  • Strike: ANSI curved lip strike 1-1⁄4" x 4-7⁄8" (32 mm x 124 mm) standard; strike lip length: 1-3⁄16" (30 mm); dust box included


  • ANSI/BHMA A156.13-2017 Series 1000, Grade 1 operational and security 
  • With FSIC interchangeable core cylinders: Grade 1 operational, Grade 2 security
  • With SFIC interchangeable core cylinders: Grade 1 operational, Grade 3 security



  • Patient Safety Standards, Materials and Systems Guidelines recommended by the New York State Office of Mental Health
  • Achieves highest "paperclip protection" designation



  • Complies with ICC A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities



  • UL 10C and CAN/ULC-S104 listed 3-hour fire door
    • A label single doors, 4' x 10' and pairs 8' x 10'        
    • Letter F and UL symbol on latch front indicate listing
  • UL 437 listed when using Primus high-security UL 437 cylinder


California Fire Code

  • All levers with a return to door of 1/2" (64 mm) or less comply (formerly Title 19, California State Fire Marshal Standard)



  • Miami-Dade NOA and Florida Building Commission listings
  • Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) for impact and non-impact applications



  • Meets BAA (Buy American Act)

Mortise lock and cylinder front housing finish


630 Satin stainless steel

Key cylinder, plug and core face finish


626 Satin chrome

Open keyways upgradeable to Primus RP


Patented keyways upgradeable to Primus XP

  • Everest 29™ S keyways include S123 (default keyway)
  • Everest 29™ T restricted keyways 
  • Everest 29™ R restricted keyways as SL cylinders in conventional or FSIC formats with the same A2 pinning style of an SFIC cylinders
  • Everest 29™ keyways gain restricted, geography exclusivity in a Primus XP cylinder
  • Available in Conventional and FSIC cylinder formats


Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC)

  • Everest 29™ R restricted keyway family


Master Keying

  • Factory master keying available

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Carrying on the legacy of the groundbreaking push-button lock, Schlage changed the game again with its descendent in 2019—the ALX Series. This series features a patent-pending chassis and revolutionary new modular design.

Allegion Insights

Understanding ligature risks in health care facilities

Patients seeking help for mental health or behavioral issues are often vulnerable and in need of a safe place for treatment. Beyond medical attention, this includes treatment spaces that promote a healthy, restorative environment while limiting opportunities for strangulation and other forms of self-harm.

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