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L400 Small Case Mortise Deadbolt Indication Trim

Made to fit a small cutout, L400 locks feature the same large indication windows of standard L Series so you can Know It's Locked™ when security or privacy matters.


Part of the L Series family, these non-lever deadbolts offer strength in a small case mortise chassis design. Five of the six L400 Series functions enable the use of Schlage's patented 180-degree visibility indication trim. The sixth comes with a chevron shaped indicator as part of the design. 

Ideal for use on:

  • Doors where latching is not required
  • Multi-stall restroom entrances (for maintenance or lockdown purposes)
  • Private areas like lactation rooms, dressing rooms, or showers
  • Retail or other spaces with occupancy load of 300 or less where a double cylinder deadbolt with status indication is desired
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Mechanical Locks

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  • Tested and certified to ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 operational and security standards
  • UL Listed for 3-hour fire door
  • Deadbolt features include anti-saw pin in bolt to prevent cut-through
  • Patented Everest 29™ S123 keyway is provided standard which prohibits unauthorized key duplication 
  • Restricted geographically exclusive Primus upgraded security options offer advanced key control and exceptional physical security


  • Large windows feature red and white messaging backgrounds to assure readability by for colorblind individuals
  • Patented, 180-degree visibility give a three-sided view of the lock status
  • Utilizes L Series sectional (top portion only) trim 
  • 12 available finishes 
  • Indicator feature available English, French, and Spanish languages


Built to Last

  • Every Schlage lock undergoes intensive testing to determine its ANSI grade level. 
    •    Cycle tests 
    •    Resistance tests 
    •    Door impact tests 
    •    Warped door tests 
    •    Bolt strength tests 

All functions except L496 feature 180-degree visibility indicator trim. Unless otherwise marked, indication is offered as single-interior, single-exterior, and as dual-sided trims.

  • L460 Cylinder x thumbturn small case mortise deadbolt (ANSI E06071)
  • L462 Double cylinder small case mortise deadbolt (ANSI E06061)
  • L463 Cylinder x cylinder thumbturn small case mortise deadbolt (ANSI E06091)
  • L464 Cylinder only small case mortise deadbolt (ANSI E06081)  (single-exterior trim only)
  • L480 Thumbturn only small case mortise deadbolt  (single-interior trim only)
  • L496 Cylinder x thumbturn small case mortise deadbolt with chevron style indicator
  • Four L Series Grade 1 Mortise Deadbolt functions in standard mortise case size also availalble (see separate web page for details)


  • Case: Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) with corrosion resistant zinc dichromate plating
  • Case size: 4-7/16" x 3 5/8" x 1" (113 mm x 92 mm x 25 mm)
  • Door thickness: 1-3/4" (44 mm) standard (minimum); specify door thickness if  over 1-3/4" and position in door (EE, EI, EO, ED) 
  • Field reversible handing 

Trim Options

  • Viewing windows are made from high-density polycarbonate for durability
  • Three thumbturn styles available: standard ADA, large ADA (not available on L463), and basic
  • A sectional trim: 7 7⁄8” x 2 1⁄2” x 7⁄16” (200 mm x 64 mm x 11 mm); heavy wrought reinforced brass, and Stainless Steel 
  • Available 1/8" thick lock case lead lining option for use in X-ray or other rooms with radiation concern


  • Deadbolt: 1" (25 mm) throw stainless steel
  • Backset: 2-3/4" (70 mm) only
  • Armor: Standard - 1-1⁄4" x 5.5" x 7⁄32" (32 mm x 140 mm x 6 mm); 
  • Strike: 1 1/8" x 3 1/2" (29 mm x 89 mm) standard; 1 1/4" x 4 7/8" (32 mm x 124 mm) optional; dust box included


  • ANSI/BHMA A156.36-2010, Grade 1 operational and security   
  • With FSIC interchangeable core cylinders: Grade 1 operational, Grade 2 security
  • With SFIC interchangeable core cylinders: Grade 1 operational, Grade 3 security


  • Complies with ICC A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities               


  • UL listed auxillary lock for 3-hour fire door  
  • UL 437 listed when using Primus high-security UL 437 cylinder


  • Miami-Dade NOA and Florida Building Commission listings
  • Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) for impact and non-impact applications


  • Meets BAA (Buy American Act)   

Mortise lock and cylinder front housing finishes

605 Bright brass

605 Bright brass


606 Satin brass


609 Antique brass


612 Satin bronze


613 Oil rubbed bronze


619 Satin nickle


622 Matte black


625 Bright chrome


626 Satin chrome


629 Bright stainless steel


630 Satin stainless steel


643e Aged bronze (simulated equivalent)

Key cylinder, plug and core face finishes


606 Satin brass


522 Bronze (simulated equivalent)


622 Matte black


626 Satin chrome

Open keyways upgradeable to Primus RP

Patented keyways upgradeable to Primus XP

  • Everest 29™ S keyways include S123 (default keyway)
  • Everest 29™ T restricted keyways 
  • Everest 29™ R restricted keyways as SL cylinders in conventional or FSIC formats with the same A2 pinning style of an SFIC cylinders
  • Everest 29™ keyways gain restricted, geography exclusivity in a Primus XP cylinder
  • Available in Conventional and FSIC cylinder formats

Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC)

  • Everest 29™ R restricted keyway family

Master Keying

  • Factory master keying available

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Did You Know?

Carrying on the legacy of the groundbreaking push-button lock, Schlage changed the game again with its descendent in 2019—the ALX Series. This series features a patent-pending chassis and revolutionary new modular design.

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